Beautiful People Sperm Bank

Beautiful People Sperm Bank

Introduction to the Beautiful People Sperm Bank

The controversial website founded by Robert Hintze and Greg Hodge is an exclusive dating site. This site, as the name refers, only accepts beautiful people into their site and "the uglies" as they are referred to, the less attractive people are left out of the dating site. Although headquartered in Denmark, they have a membership of 600,000 people from 190 countries from around the world. They recently received a lot of criticism for expelling five thousand of their members because they gained too much weight over the holidays and no longer met their stringent requirements.

To join the Beautiful People website, you must register and complete information about yourself and most importantly you must post a picture of yourself. Then your picture and profile are set out for a democratic vote among the members. Your profile will stay posted for forty-eight hours and all of the members who want to can vote for one of the three options: yes - definitely, no – not really or no – definitely not. If you are lucky enough to secure enough yes votes, which about one in five are, than you are allowed admittance to this dating site where you can meet other beautiful people.

Beautiful People Sperm Bank

Due to the request of their members, the website launched a Beautiful People Sperm Bank allowing members to search for a member of the Beautiful People elite who would be willing to be a sperm donor. The original thinking was that this would ensure that beautiful people, who could not have children for various reasons, would still be still be able to have beautiful babies. They later decided that even ugly people deserve the chance to have a good looking baby and they opened their Beautiful People Sperm Bank to everyone.

The Beautiful People founders claim that they receive no compensation for this additional service but that they were only responding to the demands of their members. Although this Beautiful People Sperm Bank has been quite controversial, the founders stand by their belief that they are giving people the assurance of having an above average genetic material. This will help families who use the Beautiful People Sperm Bank to have the best chance of having a beautiful baby.

How Does It Work

To help individuals or couples who are searching for a sperm donor to help them conceive, the Beautiful People Sperm Bank has set up a forum where they can meet each other. It allows their male members (and only their members) who are willing to be a sperm donor to post their picture and their profile in the forum. Individuals and couples who are looking for sperm donors (even if they are not a member) can look through the forum to choose the right sperm donor for them. They will be able to communicate back and forth until they are comfortable working with each other.

Once both parties are in agreement about the sperm donation, the Beautiful People Sperm Bank will give them contact information about several clinics in their area that will be able to complete the process for them. The Beautiful People Sperm Bank states that they have already helped bring six hundred babies into the world using their forum. They plan to continue with this beautiful baby service as long as it is still productive for their members.

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