Finding a Sperm Bank

Finding a Sperm Bank

What is a Sperm Bank?

Many couples and single women find themselves unable for a wide variety of reasons to conceive a child of their own. One of the most common ways for women to conceive is through in vitro fertilization which is done with the use of donated sperm. There are two ways that couples or individuals can locate a sperm donor to use for this process. The first way is to use a known donor, someone that is known to the recipient and who agrees to allow his sperm to be used. If the recipient chooses not to use a known donor then finding a sperm bank donor is their best option.

A sperm bank is a facility that safely collects and stores donated sperm. They perform and complete background checks on the donor to ensure that their personal and medical information is correct. They also perform a physical and various blood work on the donor to be sure they are healthy and free from disease. They will store the donated sperm, usually by freezing it until the time that a recipient selects the sperm to use for their conception. A recipient, after finding a sperm bank, will be able to select their donor by looking through a vast array of donor profiles until they find one that is suitable for them.

How to Find the Best Sperm Bank

Finding a sperm bank is an important first step in looking for a potential sperm donor. There are many ways you can go about finding a sperm bank but the first is you will want to find one that is registered with the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) because this will ensure that they follow the appropriate rules and regulations. You will also want to check and see how many years they have been in business and how successful they are at having successful pregnancies.

When finding a sperm bank you will also want to pay close attention to the process they use to do their background checks. You want to know that they do a complete personal background check to ensure the donor's profile information is correct and that they have never had a drug or alcohol problem. You will also want to know when finding a sperm bank that they do a complete medical background that goes back at least one generation. This will let you have peace of mind that there is no serious medical condition known that could affect your child.

You will also want to be sure when finding a sperm bank that they do a complete physical and blood work for your donor. This is imperative because you want to be certain that your baby will not be passed any life threatening disease that the donor could have like HIV or syphilis. Be sure to ask all of these questions when finding a sperm bank and do not select one until the bank has sufficiently answered all of them. Finding a sperm bank is an important decision and you want to be sure you find the best one possible.

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