How Much Does a Sperm Bank Pay

How Much Does a Sperm Bank Pay

Introduction to How Much Does a Sperm Bank Pay

A sperm donor is a male who agrees to donate his sperm so that a couple or individual can use it in order to help them conceive a child. A sperm donor must be between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five and must be healthy with no genetic problems. A sperm bank will do a complete background check to ensure that all of the donor's personal, medical and family history is accurate. The sperm bank will create a profile for the donor so that potential recipients will be able to select a good candidate for them.

A sperm donor will also have to undergo some blood tests to ensure that the do not have any life threatening conditions like HIV, syphilis or gonorrhoea. All sperm donors are limited to help conceive no more than ten children and they are required to register with the HFEA, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority who will keep track of the donor's sperm. Sperm donation is in great demand right now. It is estimated that in the UK alone they need about five hundred sperm donations a year and they are currently receiving just over three hundred. How much does a sperm bank pay depends on the sperm bank itself and what expenses they agree to reimburse you for.

How Much Can You Make

It is illegal in the UK to buy sperm donations so how much does a sperm bank pay will depend on the type of expenses you incur during the process. Although payment is unlawful the registered clinics are allowed to compensate the donor up to £250 to help cover any reimbursement or loss of wages incurred. How much does a sperm bank pay depends on what the clinic considers to be an expense that you should be reimbursed for and whether they will agree to reimburse you up to the full amount of £250.

With sperm donations in such demand most registered clinics are more than happy to reimburse their clients the entire £250 for their expenses. If you are considering becoming a sperm donor you will want check all of your local and online sperm banks to see how much does a sperm bank pay. This will help you make the best decision for you and you will know if they are willing to take care of you than they are more likely to take good care of the recipient and your sperm donation.

Legal Responsibility and Remaining Anonymous

More important than how much does a sperm bank pay is what are your legal responsibilities and can you remain anonymous. In the UK if you are donating sperm to a married couple or a couple in a civil union that you will relinquish all rights to the child and you will not have any legal or physical rights to the child. If however, you donate sperm to an unmarried woman or a lesbian couple who is not in a civil union that there is a chance that you will be named on the baby's birth certificate and therefore hold the legal rights and responsibilities of a father. You will want to see a lawyer to discuss this matter before proceeding.

The rules for remaining anonymous have changed over the last five years and now the donor is not guaranteed that he will remain anonymous. The law now states that when the baby turns eighteen he or she has the right to be given the information about the father if they want it. Keep this in mind too when making your final decision.

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