How Much is Sperm from a Sperm Bank

How Much is Sperm from a Sperm Bank

Introduction to the Price of Sperm from a Sperm Bank

One out of every six couples today are dealing with some type of infertility problem which will limit their ability to have children. There is also a countless number of single women who are reaching the maximum age to safely have a child who are looking for an alternative solution to marriage. And there are plenty of lesbian couples who are hoping for the chance of carrying and delivering their own babies to raise and love.

For all three of these groups of people, the use of a sperm bank has become the best solution. They are able to have a fertility procedure done to allowing the woman to become pregnant with the use of donated sperm purchased at a sperm bank. Many couples wonder about this procedure and if it would be the right solution for them. Often their biggest question is how much is sperm from a sperm bank.

Sperm Bank Costs

There are many costs that are involved when determining how much is sperm from a sperm bank. Before you can even start looking through the list of potential donors, you must first have a consultation with the sperm bank facility. This meeting is essential for them to collect your information and explain exactly how their system works. They will charge you an initial fee for this consultation.

Once the consultation is over, you will be able to go through their list of potential donors and see if you find any that may match your needs. You will most likely want to get a more detailed profile on each potential donor but these profiles will cost you. How much is sperm from a sperm bank total must include this figure because depending on how many profiles you would like to look through it will cost you more. Although this is an additional cost this is an extremely important decision and you want to be sure that you look through every detail and gather as much information as possible.

Once you have chosen a donor, you will need to pay per vial of donated sperm you need. The recommended amount is to purchase at least two or three vials of sperm for your procedure to be done correctly. You will also need to have the sperm shipped to the location where your procedure will be performed. How much is sperm from a sperm bank shipping cost will vary widely based on how far it needs to be shipped. Keep in mind that the sperm is frozen and will need to be shipped frozen so it will cost you much more that standard shipping.

Success Rates

Before making a final decision when you are looking at how much is sperm from a sperm bank, you should factor in how many attempts you may need to try. Although many find great success in these procedures it may take you a couple of attempts. Artificial insemination has about an eleven percent success rate and in vitro fertilisation has about a twenty-five percent rate. You may just need to keep in mind that this process may need to be gone through a few times before you are able to be successful.

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