NHS Sperm Bank

NHS Sperm Bank

Introduction to NHS Sperm Bank

Thousands of married couples, lesbian couples and single women every year turn to the use of donor sperm to help them try to get pregnant. In a little under twenty-five percent of the time, when using in vitro fertilisation, these couples and individuals find great success. A sperm bank is the facility that allows these couple and individuals to find a perfect donor match for them. The sperm bank provides a safe and secure method of finding this perfect donor by providing a complete personal and medical background check on all of their donors. Using a sperm bank makes it easier for both the sperm donor and the sperm recipient.

NHS Coverage

Sperm banks can however be very costly when all of the costs start adding up. While many people are glad to pay any price for the chance to conceive a child, there may be another solution. Some people are able to be covered under the NHS insurance to help defer some of the costs involved. If you are eligible, it may save you from the need to take out another loan or save for years before you can think about this solution. Generally, only those who have a medical condition that is causing them to be unable to conceive are eligible to be covered under the NHS.

The first step you need to take is to make an appointment with your GP who will be better able to advise you on all of your options. Most likely he will send you to a specialist who can look at your specific case to see what your options are. After your visit with the specialist, he will be able to tell you if he feels that you would be eligible for medical coverage or if there are other solutions available for you to try.

Finding an NHS Sperm Bank

After you have been determined to be eligible to be covered under NHS insurance, NHS specialists should be able to provide you with a list of NHS sperm banks that you will be able to select from. By getting this list straight from the NHS, you will be assured that your procedure will be covered. The percent of the procedure that will be covered will vary depending on the NHS sperm bank and your specific situation. At your initial consultation with the NHS sperm bank, they will be able to tell you what costs will be covered and what costs you will need to pay out-of-pocket.

Just because you are using a NHS sperm bank that does not mean you should not still take the needed step to be sure that the facility is the best one for you. You want to be sure that they do a thorough background check on all of their donors and check to make sure they are healthy and disease free. You also should expect to see proof of this background check and feel confident that it is accurate. Even if you have to pay for it yourself ask for a complete profile on your sperm donor.

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