Sperm Bank Donor

Sperm Bank Donor

Introduction to Sperm Bank Donor

When an individual goes through the process that is involved in finding a sperm bank donor, she will be seen by many different physicians and other health care providers that will help her determine how to find the sperm bank donor that will meet her health needs and her personal needs and choices. At this point, a genetics counsellor will be introduced to help with the process.

Genetics Counselling

Genetics counsellors help women find a sperm bank donor. If the woman is over the age of thirty five, utilizing ART, or assisted reproductive technology, utilizing fertility treatments in hopes of combating fertility issues, and/or has a familial history of miscarriages, infant death, or other birth defects, the genetics counsellor can help choose a donor that will be a good match. Especially those that are hoping to benefit from assisted reproductive technologies, these women benefit most from preconception consultations. These counsellors can give much needed information about the risks and benefits associated with these types of procedures. They will also discuss screening and testing options.

Fertility Treatments

Women who are utilizing fertility treatments because of infertility issues are great candidates for this genetic counselling. It is important for these women to understand that there are certain genetic abnormalities that can be caused by fertility treatments that could be passed on to the baby. Being certain of these abnormalities can lead to not carrying the child to full term, or worse; loss of the baby. The genetic counselling can give the woman education that she needs in order to explore possible alternatives and other options.

All too often, women are left to wonder why there was no genetic counselling offered to them before they became pregnant. Many times, many situations could be avoided by having the needed knowledge beforehand. In most cases, however, for whatever reasons, the women simply do not receive the information that they require in order to make the best preconception decisions.

For example, studies have shown that women who did receive preconception genetic counselling and utilized what they had learned, still really did not understand the entire process. The majority of the women polled had no idea what types of health related issues were screened for when using this preconception tool and understood this to mean that they did not need to consider any types of prenatal screening or diagnostic testing during their pregnancy because they received this counselling beforehand.


Finding a sperm bank donor is something much more that simply choosing a face from out of a catalogue or off of a website online. There are sites available online that provide sperm bank donor screening tools in order to choose the best possible match. There are men of every age, race, and nationality from which to choose. Some wish to be a part of the child's life, while others prefer to remain anonymous. The personal taste of the donor will be provided in his personal profile that can be found on file at the chosen sperm bank.

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