Sperm Bank Info

Sperm Bank Info

Introduction to Sperm Bank Info

Sperm is a mandatory component in the fertilisation process. Life has it that some people may require sperm from an institution in order to have a baby, therefore sperm banks nowadays offer sperm vials for purchase so that various couples or individuals can achieve the family they desire.

Who are the Clients of Sperm Banks?

Clients of sperm banks differ. Couples where the male partner has infertile or low fertility sperm, single women that wish to conceive without relying on a partner, women that want to eliminate the risks of their child bearing genetically transmitted diseases from their father, gay or lesbian couples, or men that simply want their sperm to be kept in store for later use, these are all people that come to a sperm bank in order to achieve their purposes.

Sperm Bank Prices

When it comes to sperm bank clients, they have to be ready to pay an affordable sum of about £100 per vial in order to get the sperm they desire. The costs differ according to the amount of sperm sold, its quality and characteristics and the sperm bank providing this service. As far as sperm donors are concerned they can receive payment according to the country where the sperm bank is located. Whilst in some parts of the globe sperm donors are rewarded for their donation, in the United Kingdom donors are entitled solely to the expenses associated with the donation.

The Advantage of Using a Sperm Bank

As a client of a sperm bank, women get to choose sperm of very high quality provided by many types of men- a thing which ensures that women can control the genetic materials their children will contain. When selecting the genetic disposition of their offspring women will have the option of choosing the sperm according to several different factors including the age of the donor, his race, the colour of his eyes, hair etc.

Another benefit of resorting to a sperm bank refers to the category of men who are too intimidated by the thought of going to a fertility clinic in order to have their sperm tested for various levels of fertility. In this case, these men can come to the sperm bank where they will be asked for a few initial samples in order to assess the quality of sperm and whether they are the right candidates for sperm donating or not. The samples are well checked and examined, things like the spermatozoon count, the strength and other factors being tested to decide on the effectiveness of the sperm.

Going to a sperm bank will also help men receive additional information regarding their health such as genetic dispositions and sperm deformities that can have a negative impact on their offspring or on the process of fertilisation.

Sperm coming from sperm banks can be used for various kinds of fertilisations, including at-home inseminations, intra-uterine inseminations or in vitro fertilisation. Sperm stored by sperm banks can remain there for many years and given this advantage some men do agree on their sperm being stored in these institutions for later use.

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