Sperm Bank Prices

Sperm Bank Prices

Introduction to Sperm Bank Prices

There are various fertility treatments available nowadays, but for many people, sperm purchases from cryobanks are still a much needed and highly valued service. Multiple factors can stand in the way of people acquiring the family they desire, these factors including impotence, sperm deficiencies, genetically transmitted diseases and other medical conditions, the lack of a partner to conceive a child with, as well as the budget for undergoing more expensive fertility treatments. For these reasons and several others people rely on sperm banks to provide them with a way of having a child. Thus, single mothers get to experience pregnancy, gay couples receive the chance of becoming dads and infertile husbands acquire the opportunity of welcoming a child into their family even if they won't be the biological fathers of their newborn.

The Costs of Sperm Purchases

It is not the price per vial of sperm that is expensive, but the overall costs of the whole process of getting the sperm and using it as part of the fertilisation process. Sperm bank customers can limit their purchase to one vial/unit of sperm for this amount is enough for a single insemination. The costs of semen purchases depend on various factors, including the sperm bank, the country where the fertility clinic is located and the type of sperm sold.

The cheapest sperm bank prices for a vial of semen may not exceed much over £50, yet most sperm banks charge over £100 for the sperm they provide. The type of sperm sold at sperm banks depends on the kind of insemination the customer wants. Thus, there are standard vials suitable for ICI or cervical insemination, prewashed meant for IUI or uterine insemination and semen samples used in IVF or in-vitro fertilisation.

Some sperm banks may require increased payments from their future receivers in case the latter opt for identifiable donors. This is the case in sperm banks from other countries which offer anonymous donations as well, but given the current situation in the UK where sperm banks are prohibited from allowing anonymous donations these costs don't count as all donations are made with 'open donor' specimens.

Overall Costs

In the U.S. for example, the expenses associated with the overall process of getting pregnant with donated sperm provided by fertility clinics and sperm banks can rise up to as high as a few thousands of dollars. In the UK, the cost of the sperm sample along with the cost of the treatment, being IUI or IVF, ranges from ₤500 to ₤1000. To these expenses, people will have to add the costs of the clinic visits, as well as the costs of drugs used during treatment.

Other Charges

Some expenses are strictly associated with the banks' sperm freezing options, such as dry ice or liquid nitrogen, as well as the shipping costs that vary according to the location of the customer or the location of the doctor's office where the sperm shipment will arrive. There are also sperm banks that offer special services such as the ones helping people pick a donor, services which include photo matching that is explained by the fact that some customers wish to find donor with a similar appearance to them.

In addition to the sperm bank prices associated with sperm purchases, people pay storage expenses as well in the case of customers who wish to purchase sperm but have it stored for later use, or in the case of men who wish to store their sperm for various periods of time, especially if they have a vasectomy in mind. These expenses are obviously set according to the number of months or years the clients desire to have their sperm stored for them.

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