Bristol Sperm Bank

Bristol Sperm Bank

Introduction to Bristol Sperm Bank

Bristol has a large clinic that helps infertile couples to have a child. They used to accept donation from individuals but because of a shortage of donors in the past they also have dealings with other clinics so they can be sure that there will always be samples available when they are needed.

The Bristol Clinic

The Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine now makes sure that they will not run out so the clinics are their main supply line now. There were always students who would be glad to visit them as living on a student's money the £12 that they were paid was always welcome. As the sperm was not used until 6 months after it had been donated, they could not always be sure that they would have any so this was a natural progression. Figures have still not risen and the clinic often makes appeal but there are still not the amount of people coming forward. This is more unfortunate recently as it seems that more and more couples are coming forward. Add to this the fact that now lesbian couples also want be parents, plus many single women who do not have any other access and fit is more important than ever that there is plenty available.

The clinic has a website that will help you to find out the basics but encourage couple to make an appointment. The sperm bank in Bristol believes that talking through the process face to face is much more important than making notes from a web page.

Bristol is one of the areas that has a sperm bank with experience of dealing with lesbian couples. This is important as this is a difficult process to go thorough anyway, to find that you are also being judged will just make it worse.

A Guide

In November 2007 the sperm bank in Bristol produced a guide that covers everything you would need to know if you wish to go through the procedure. There are many people in that region that need help and having so much information in one place will give them the confidence that they need to go ahead. Charges are not included in it as obviously they will change on a regular basis but they will provide them on request. This is another reason why they wish to discuss face to face as all couples will have different needs and each case may incur charges that others will not.

The Problems

Like many other clinics the Bristol sperm bank has suffered from a change in the law that allows donors to be traced once the child grows up. Many did it for the money or the genuine desire to help out another couple but also had the peace of mind in knowing that once they had donated they had no further responsibility. Now knowing that they can be traced years later will stop many going. This has caused the Bristol sperm bank to tell some couples that they can treat them as they have run out, and unless the law changes there is the possibility that things will not go back to the way they were.

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