Cardiff Sperm Bank

Cardiff Sperm Bank

Introduction to Cardiff Sperm Bank

Sperm banks and fertility clinics are now widely spread all around the world as there are many couples who cannot have children. In the past childless couples used to adopt children if they could not have their own. The reason why couples without children used to adopt them was that it was the only way for them to have children. Also, sperm banks and fertility clinics were new to people back then and the idea of artificial insemination was completely unknown until the mid 60's. It was not until then that infertility clinics and sperm banks became available. As a result of the constant progress in the field of reproductive medicine in the last five decades, sperm banks and fertility clinics are now considered to be quite efficient. There are a large number of these facilities, which have proved to help people have children.

Cardiff Sperm Bank – How Many Sperm Donors Are There?

Truth being said, the number of men who are willing to donate their sperm to sperm banks in the UK is really low. There are several different reasons why the number of sperm donors is falling rapidly each and every year. The number of sperm donors has significantly dropped since they were no longer guaranteed anonymity from the year 2005. What's more, sperm donors do not get paid for these services anymore. Another reason why there are fewer donors than there were before is the fact that there is a limit of how many times a man can make a sperm donation. In the UK, the maximum number of times a man can donate his sperm is ten times.

Also, one of the most important reasons why there are so few sperm donors in Cardiff, and in fact the whole of the UK is the fact that a great number of people are rejected for donating sperm, as the rules and regulations regarding who can be a sperm donor are extremely strict. This is why many people do not want to lose both time and money doing different kinds of tests just to find out eventually that they are not suitable to be a sperm donor.

Cardiff Sperm Bank – How to Find a Reliable Sperm Bank?

Finding a reliable sperm bank and fertility clinic is not something that people take lightly, and they never should. When visiting any kind of clinic people need to feel comfortable with their surroundings and with the staff of the clinic. Also, people are advised to visit more than one sperm bank or fertility clinic whenever they have the opportunity to do so and find the facility they feel most comfortable at. One of the sperm banks available in Cardiff is the London Sperm Bank, with the only condition that the sperm from this sperm bank can be used only for treatments at London Women's Clinics. When it comes to their prices, it is best to contact the sperm bank over the phone by calling their phone number which can be found either online or in the yellow pages.

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