Glasgow Sperm Bank

Glasgow Sperm Bank

Introduction to Glasgow Sperm Bank

There are many couples and single women in the whole of the world and in the UK who want to have a baby but cannot, for many different reasons. Due to the fact that a large number of people are having these problems, it is logical that there would be a lot of clinics and sperm banks that can help them. Unfortunately, there is not a large number of fertility clinics and sperm banks, mostly because of the small number of sperm donors. There was a time when there were many more sperm donors in the UK, but today things are very different. The number of sperm donors in the UK significantly lowered when a new law was introduced, and this law prohibited sperm donors from remaining anonymous. Since then, there are not so many people who are willing to donate sperm to Glasgow sperm banks or any sperm bank in the UK.

Glasgow Sperm Bank – The Lack of Sperm Donors

It is said that twenty years ago there were around 15 sperm donors in the area of Glasgow, and ten years ago there was only one man living in Glasgow who was willing to be a sperm donor. Owing to this fact, Glasgow fertility clinics, Glasgow sperm banks, and sperm banks in the UK in general have been forced to import sperm from different European countries such as Denmark. Many people do not understand how Denmark can export sperm from their sperm banks, with a population of about five and a half million people, as opposed to the UK, with a population of almost sixty two million people. The answer to this question is very simple. Namely, there are two main reasons why Denmark has the world's biggest sperm bank. The first reason is the fact that they offer high cash payments to sperm donors and the second is the fact that sperm donors in Denmark have a right to stay anonymous. Due to this fact, it is easy to see why a sperm bank in Glasgow or in any other city in the UK has problems with the lack of sperm donors.

Glasgow Sperm Bank – Glasgow Centre for Reproductive Medicine

People who live in Glasgow and are having problems with conceiving a child are advised to visit the Glasgow Centre for Reproductive Medicine, where they can get all the information they need and decide on what to do in order to solve their problems. All the people who decide to try and conceive a child in any unconventional way should be aware that this will cost them a lot of money and that the process will be very time consuming. The best thing to do is to visit the sperm bank in question and have the initial consult, where people are given all of the important information and the estimate of the money they will need to set aside. Also, people should be aware of the fact that any pregnancy can result in a miscarriage and that assisted conception pregnancies are no exception.

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