Leeds Sperm Bank

Leeds Sperm Bank

Introduction to Leeds Sperm Bank

Due to the constant progress and development of today's medicine or to be more precise reproductive medicine, childless couples are given the opportunity to actually have a baby. The reasons why there are so many couples all over the UK who cannot have children are numerous. Some couples are not compatible with each other, while some other couples choose a sperm bank as to avoid passing on a genetic disease onto their child. In addition to this, there are women who do not have a life partner, but still want to start a family. This is why modern medicine has made it possible for couples to have children, regardless of the reason why these couples cannot have them. One of the many ways for a woman to get pregnant is to visit a sperm bank and get donor sperm.

Leeds Sperm Banks – Are There Any?

In addition to all of the possibilities regarding reproductive medicine mentioned before, it must be said as well that it is not always easy to find a sperm bank. Although the number of these facilities differs from city to city, there are not many sperm banks in Leeds. And even when there are a significant number of sperm banks there is a possibility that there are not any sperm donors. The reason why men are not as eager to donate their sperm as they were before is that they no longer have the right to be anonymous. This may affect the donors' lives significantly, as the child conceived this way has the legal right to know who their biological father is. This means that the child can find and come into contact with its father. However, the question is whether the father wants to do the same.

Leeds Sperm Bank

As it has already been mention, people who cannot have children in a natural way, may have some difficulties finding a sperm bank in Leeds. However, there is a reproductive clinic, located in Leeds called The Leeds Centre for Reproductive Medicine. It is said that this is one of the largest, but also one of the best reproductive clinics in the whole of the UK. One of the things that need to be mentioned is that the LCRM is fully licensed and it has highly skilled staff members as well. The clinic also provides its clients with advice and some basic information about fertility problems. Apart from the biological reasons for infertility, the clinic also pays great attention to emotional problems, with which people may face.

Leeds Sperm Bank – LCRM Prices

There is no need to emphasise how difficult it may be to find a sperm donor in Leeds, or as a matter of fact in any other city in the UK. Therefore, people who cannot have children generally do not care for the price of treatments. For example, an IVF with conventional insemination will cost £2,605, plus any of the additional costs such as drugs and consultations.

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