Liverpool Sperm Bank

Liverpool Sperm Bank

Introduction to Liverpool Sperm Bank

Liverpool is a large city and has clinics and hospitals that cover most medical needs. There are many infertile couples in the area, and in the past they would have had to adopt or just accept their fate. Thanks to modern research they are now able to receive treatment and often end up with their own child in a short space of time.

For some they will have to pay for this treatment themselves, but quite often they can get help from the National Health Service. They will need to go though other procedures before hand as IVF will not be the first stage. There are certain types of treatment such as hormone injections and medication that will encourage egg donation, but if the problem lies with the man and there is not enough sperm, then there will be the need to visit a sperm clinic.

Here you will be able to use either your own sperm or that of a donor. It may be that both of the couple are fertile, but just not able to conceive naturally. For others a third party will be involved, but the process is much the same for both sets of people.

The Location

In Liverpool this will be carried out in the Royal Women's Clinic. Although this is best known as a maternity hospital it also carries out research and other procedures centred around babies and conception. Before going here there will need to be the referral from a doctor and there will be appointment needed to decide if you are suitable. Not all couples will be accepted but there will always be a clear explanation. In some cases they can be dealt with such as the woman being overweight and their being health concerns surrounding the pregnancy. Often it can be a drink problem with the male and this will be hampering sperm production. This does not mean that you will never be accepted but just not right away.

The Sperm Bank

This is the largest IVF clinic in Europe and the Hewitt Centre deals with 2000 couples a year with the majority of them coming from the North West. When this was announced it was a good news story, but some have been more light hearted. In a time when many hospitals are making a cut back, there has been a centre set up to make it easier for the men to produce their sample. A national paper has called it a porn suite and claim that it has cost £7,500. There are large TV screens to watch the collection of X rated films, and a large collection of magazines. While it seems to be a lot of money to pay, if it makes the process easier and hopefully quicker it could save time and money in the long run. There should be less likelihood of repeat visits and wasted appointments.

Regardless of the time or effort is takes, if you are trusting your fertility problems to a sperm bank in Liverpool there will be a professional service and past stories of a lot of successful procedures.

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