Newcastle Sperm Bank

Newcastle Sperm Bank

Introduction to Newcastle Sperm Bank

Even though many people are not aware of this, the fact is that one in six couples has problems with conceiving a child in the traditional manner. This is a fact according to statistics, but there are more and more people who are experiencing these kinds of problems each and every day. Most people think that either the male or the female have a problem in conceiving a child, but the fact is that there is even the possibility that both of the partners are completely healthy, they just cannot have a child together due to still unknown reasons. Therefore, Newcastle sperm banks, and sperm banks in all cities and towns in the UK are always looking for new sperm donors, which are nowadays not so easy to find.

Newcastle Sperm Bank – The Problems with Sperm Donations

The main reason why not so many people are interested in donating sperm is the fact that they can no longer stay anonymous. This means that every child conceived by donor sperm has a right to know who his biological father is as soon as the child turns 18. This has become a controversial topic in the UK, due to the fact that because of this the number of sperm donors has lowered significantly. Also, there are strict rules regarding who may be a sperm donor, meaning that sperm donors have to pass a series of tests, they have to give their full medical history to the sperm bank and so on.

Every potential sperm donor will have to wait for at least a year until his first sperm donation, in order to get at least two negative results on AIDS testing, which is done every six months. In addition to this, even completely healthy individuals will sometimes be rejected for sperm donation, because of a low sperm count, which is affected by many different things such as stress, eating and drinking habits, medications and so forth. Also, more people would chose to become sperm donors if sperm banks were to give financial incentives for donating sperm. All in all, sperm banks and fertility clinics throughout the UK have a difficult task of constantly finding new sperm donors in front of them.

Newcastle Sperm Bank – Newcastle Fertility Centre

The Newcastle Fertility Centre is an NHS facility located at The International Centre for Life in Newcastle upon Tyne. The centre have more than 20 years of experience in treating patients with fertility problems and they have had a large number of satisfied couples and single women whom they helped with different kinds of fertility problems. People who need help conceiving a child are advised to visit the centre or at least their website, where they will be able find a lot of information on different types of infertility treatments available. They can also consult the experts working there and find out the costs of the treatments and all the additional information they might need regarding their problems.

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