Sperm Bank Scotland

Sperm Bank Scotland

Introduction to Sperm Bank Scotland

These days there are a lot of couples and single women who opt for the services of sperm banks and fertility clinics all around the world. The reason why they visit these facilities is that they want to have children, but they cannot. One of the most common reasons why women go to sperm banks is infertility of their partners or a genetic disease which could be passed on to the child. Although the goal is the same – to have a child – there is another category of women who look for a solution to their problem in these facilities. Single women who want to have children but do not have a male partner fall into the second category.

Sperm banks and fertility clinics are very efficient and are the closest thing to having a child in a natural way. This is why millions of women all around the world decide on becoming mothers this way. Taking into account everything that has been mentioned above, there is a need for having a sperm bank or a fertility clinic in every city in Scotland, in the UK and across the world. Sadly, not every city has these facilities. Therefore, people who want to have children this way have no other options but to travel someplace else where there are sperm banks and fertility clinics.

Sperm Bank Scotland – Known Disadvantages of Sperm Banks and Sperm Donors

As it has already been mentioned above, not every city in the world has its own sperm bank. This is one of the main disadvantages for people who want to conceive a child this way. These treatments are complicated enough, so travelling from one city to another is an important downside. Another big problem in this field of reproductive medicine is that there are not enough sperm donors in the UK. The reasons for this are numerous, the most important of which are the absence of anonymity and no cash rewards. Due to this, there are sperm banks in Scotland that only have a few donors on their lists. This makes it very difficult for people to make a choice regarding sperm donors, providing that they even have a choice.

Another disadvantage to this is that the treatments are very expensive and not always successful. This means that for some women these treatments are only an alternative to natural way of conceiving a child. However, there is no guarantee that it will be successful for the first time, or even at all. Also, when it comes to prices, some fertility clinics in Scotland charge as much as £5,000 for a single treatment. Owing to the fact that there are additional charges of purchasing donor sperm, counselling, drugs and in some cases the cost of travelling, this is a very expensive alternative.

Conclusion to Sperm Bank Scotland

There are some very successful fertility clinics and sperm banks in Scotland, such as the Aberdeen Fertility Centre, the Edinburgh Assisted Conception Unit, the Glasgow Royal Infirmary and others. All of these clinics offer similar treatments and costs of treatments, with the only difference being where they are situated, so people should choose a fertility clinic in Scotland which is closest to their home.

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