Sperm Bank Wales

Sperm Bank Wales

Introduction to Sperm Bank Wales

Sperm banks are today widely used by people all over the world, including Wales. More and more people are having problems with conceiving children because of many different reasons such as infertility, low sperm count of males or even the fact that many women do not have male partners or partners at all. Apart from these well known reasons, there is another reason for using the services of sperm banks.

This reason is the fact that many people are nowadays too busy with building their careers when they are young, and simply do not have time for marrying and building a family. Owing to this fact, both men and women today do not choose to start building a family and a home until they are financially secured and until their careers have reached a certain level. Therefore, many people today start a family when they turn thirty five or even forty.

Sperm Bank Wales – Family Planning with Sperm Banks

Conceiving a child is much more difficult for women in their late thirties or early forties, and it is not much different for men either. Therefore, sperm banks can be used by people who want to have children in the future, even if they are not married or in a relationship at the moment. This means that men can donate their sperm in their twenties, and the sperm is frozen until there comes the time for it to be used. This gives people the opportunity to plan their future and use sperm banks in a slightly different, but equally useful purpose. In addition to this, men might choose to donate sperm before they decide on having a vasectomy. This is used by many men for the reason of having the opportunity to have children even after the surgery takes place, in case they decide to do so sometime in the future.

Sperm Bank Wales – Finding a Sperm Bank

Even though there are many sperm banks that can be found over the internet and even though there are even online sperm banks that operate in the UK, the best thing to do if people need a sperm bank is to visit their GP. The GP will always have enough information and knowledge on the subject and he or she will be able to refer people to a sperm bank or a fertility clinic. No matter where people are situated in Wales, there will always be a sperm bank or a fertility clinic located somewhere close to their home.

One of the most successful fertility clinics located in Wales is the first IVF clinic opened in 1988, called The Cardiff Assisted Reproduction Unit. The clinic is based in the University Hospital in Cardiff, and they have more than 20 years of experience in helping people with fertility problems. When it comes to the prices of fertility treatments offered in this clinic, the initial consultation will cost £150, and an IVF that uses donated sperm will cost £2,795, plus an additional cost of approximately £1,000 for drugs.

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