Celebrity Sperm Bank

Celebrity Sperm Bank

Introduction to Celebrity Sperm Banks

At one time there were fashion accessories that some people could not do without. It could be anything from a designer hand bag to a pot bellied pig. It seems that things have gone further now and there is a clinic that offers celebrity babies. If you go to a celebrity sperm bank you can get sperm from a person who is claimed to look like someone famous.

Why Would Clients Use It?

It seems strange that someone would want a baby to look like someone famous. By the time the child grow up and looks like the celebrity that person could well be forgotten and no one will have a clue who they are supposed to resemble. Another problem could be if the child did not look like that person. Just because they have some characteristics it does not mean that they will actually resemble the father. If you are concerned that you may not have a child only wanting one that may look like someone famous seems strange. Do you know how you would feel if the child did not resemble the person you wanted them to – not even a little bit? The odds on them even being the same sex could only be 50/50.

How Does This Work?

There has not been any scientific research done to try to make the child look like the father. It is simply a case that a donor is examined and a decision is made as to which famous person they most look like. There has been criticism of the system as it has been considered a shallow way to decide if you want a child and there would be more important things to consider. The identity of the donor is still kept secret and the only picture you see is the star they are supposed to resemble. There is no way of knowing if this person does in fact look like the famous person as is claimed.

There has been criticism of the celebrity sperm bank based in California but the owners explain the reason that they have decided to do this. They claim it is a way to make it a more friendly and relaxing experience. Couples can never know the donor but this makes them feel as if they are closer to them. At present there are about 150 donors registered and this is only 1% of the amount who apply. There is a height limit of 5' 9" and they must be well educated. All the normal screening processes will be carried out, and the clinic does not charge extra if you choose to use a look alike.

This is not the only specialist sperm bank, as there is already one that claims they only provide sperm from beautiful people and another one that is meant to provide you with an intelligent child - the Nobel Prize sperm bank. As yet the celebrity sperm bank is so new that it is not able to say how happy parents are with the resemblance of their child to the celebrity, and only time will tell if this will be successful.

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