Chinese Sperm Bank

Chinese Sperm Bank

Introduction to Chinese Sperm Banks

One Chinese sperm bank based in Shanghai had to issue a statement to quell rumours that photographs circulating on the internet were faked. It showed rows of men on trolleys providing their sample with the aid of young nurses.

There have been sperm banks in China since 2001. It seems strange to hear about this as most stories about the population in China are based around the idea that it needs to be lowered. There is a one child policy, but there are still some couples who cannot conceive. The clinics are limited to one per province.

The Need for a Sperm Bank

There is a particular need for Chinese sperm banks, and that is because research shows that there are problems with male fertility. Many men suffer from aspermia which is the complete inability to produce semen. Add to that the fact that many men are producing poor quality sperm that are unable to reach an egg, and it is clear that help is needed.

Many couples also find that they are not in a position to start a family when they are at the age when they should have no problem reproducing. By the time they reach the time they want to start reproducing they find out that they are not able to. The amount of time some men spend driving or sitting at computers is being blamed.

Rules and Regulations

Chinese sperm banks have very strict criteria for donors and in Beijing more than 80% who apply to be donors are not accepted. They ask for very high sperm density donation requiring a male to produce a sample that contains 60 million sperm per millimetre. This is three times higher than an average man would produce. The embarrassment factor needs to be overcome in order to get more donors through the door. Blood donation is fine, but most men are afraid their families would find out what they had done. Beijing's bank often only received 2 enquiries a day.

Only men between 22 and 45 can donate and they must be Chinese. They can only go through one donation programme in their lifetime. There is a height restriction and they must be at least 5' 6" tall and are required to have a degree. Only married women can receive the sperm and one donor can only provide sperm for 5 women. This stops beforehand if one becomes pregnant. This is to limit the number of siblings not knowing their father.

The Process

Unlike many banks in others countries men who donate through a Chinese sperm bank are very much on their own. Pornography is not allowed so they have to be able to produce their sample through imagination alone. It can take 10 months from beginning to end if you are making a donation through a Chinese sperm bank. The initial tests will take up to three trips then there will be another 10 to 15 trips to provide the samples. 6 months later there is a final HIV test

Who Donates?

It tends to be students who will be the main donators. Partly this will be because they are young and less inhibited, and also because of the payment. They will receive 200 Yuen (£20) for each donation with a final payment of 1,500 Yuen (£150).

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