Gay Sperm Bank

Gay Sperm Bank

Introduction to Gay Sperm Banks

Many people resort to sperm donations with the desire of having a child. Single individuals and couples, whatever their sexual orientation choose to purchase sperm provided by sperm banks as a way of helping them achieve a family. Artificial insemination by using sperm provided by a cryobank is one of the least invasive and really affordable fertility methods, and it is preferred by couples where the man has semen deficiencies or impotence, by women who wish to conceive without involving a partner, as well as gay couples and individuals.

Gay Sperm Bank Receivers

There are numerous gay and lesbian persons worldwide who select and order donor sperm from a sperm bank. The sperm can be afterwards used for home insemination or as part of an intra-uterine procedure performed by a medical doctor.

A homosexual couple will involve a third party in order to have a woman carry and give birth to their child, whilst lesbian women may use the sperm for self-insemination. The main purpose behind the usage of a sperm banks services is to give all people the chance to have a family without being impaired by the lack of a partner, a genetic disease or a semen deficiency.

Gay Sperm Bank Donors

Gay candidates who are sexually active and wish to donate sperm are not permitted in every country. In fact, many countries restrict this option to heterosexuals donors only, including the United Kingdom. The reason why gay men are not eligible for donating sperm involves several issues, including the circumstance that gay candidates who are sexually active have a higher risk of contracting HIV. In addition to this, some parents may raise concerns about the possibility of their child inheriting the sexual preferences of their biological father. Although this is only a theory, its impact prevents many people from accepting the sperm provided by gay donors.

When it comes to homosexual candidates, there are also the discrimination issues illustrating the fact that sperm bank clients may simply refuse to purchase sperm from gay donors because of moral principles regarding the latters' sexual orientation. There may not be sperm banks available that accept gay donors however, there are UK licensed fertility clinics that do, the safety of resorting to them being guaranteed by HFEA (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority).

A reason why some clinics consider homosexual candidates as eligible sperm donors is because more and more people are turning to e-clinics and fertility facilities in order to purchase sperm coming from gay donors. The increasing demand for gay sperm donors may be due to the fact that they might feel that homosexuals may be more sensitive and caring, or at least easier to socialize with and maintain some form of on-going contact.

Another reason for the acceptance of gay sperm donors at fertility clinics in the UK is because this country has a concerning shortage of sperm donors, mostly because of the law eliminating anonymous donations. Thus, male candidates of proper age and health are perceived as adequate donors despite their sexual orientation.

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