International Sperm Bank

International Sperm Bank

Introduction to the International Sperm Bank

The International Sperm Bank is one of the largest in the world and is certainly the biggest dealing with Latin American samples. There has been a lack of Hispanic donors over the years and many couples are not able to receive sperm that is in keeping with their own heritage. The clinic has been working in Spain for the past 15 years and the samples can be ordered through the website and via fax.

Guidelines for the International Sperm Bank

Most of the time the International Sperm Bank will keep the identities of both the donor and recipient confidential. There may be times when the welfare of the child means that more information is needed from the donor. In cases like this it will go to court and the clinic will have to tell medical staff who the donor is but they will never tell the parents. As with many clinics it is possible to have a great deal of say in the physical appearance of the donor and also chose a donor with a particular eye colour or state tall or short. Not all men who volunteer are accepted and the test carried out on their sperm will ensure that they give a good chance of a pregnancy resulting each time. Their sperm count must be high and they will have been tested for all diseases or infections that it is possible to detect.

Who Will Use the International Sperm Bank?

There are many reasons why you may need the use of the International Sperm Bank. It could be that the male in the relationship is not able to produce sperm, or has a disease that could be transmitted to a child. A single woman will also be treated as this will be preferable to finding a male and not having any details of their history. There is also the fact that there will be no way the man can then want to be in the child's life. There is also protection for the donor as they will not be required to play any part in the child's life.

What to Do

Once you have decided that you want to use the clinic, it will be necessary to join them. At this stage you will be able to see the list of donors and make the decision as to whether or not there is someone there you want to use. It is possible that this will already have been chosen by another clinic and in this case there will be the need to choose again. The database is updated as soon as an order is made but there will always be the chance that orders overlap. There are plans to have separate lists for clients in Spain or Mexico so it is hoped that this will make the list more accurate in future.

It is not possible for individuals to use the services of the International Sperm bank and if they select a donor from the bank, they must put the request in through a clinic. As would be expected, the bank will not accept returns as they would not be able to use them again as they could not assure that they are safe to use.

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