Jewish Sperm Bank

Jewish Sperm Bank

Introduction to Jewish Sperm Banks

Taking a quote from the Torah you should be fruitful and multiply so there is no wonder that there will be Jewish people who are prepared to be sperm donors to make sure that this is a choice for everyone. One man in Tennessee is trying to set up his own business running a Jewish sperm bank in his home and it seems that he could be the only donor. There are clearly dangers with this as in the future the children may not know their history and end up in relationships with half brothers and sisters.

Jewish Teachings Concerning Sperm Banks

The teaching around artificial insemination for Jews is quite difficult to follow. Some rabbis preach that if you are Jewish woman you should only receive sperm from a Jewish donor. There are others however who state that while this will be preferable, if the couple are desperate for a child and cannot find a Jewish donor then their need for a child should be taken into account and a gentile donor will become acceptable.

Problems with Artificial Insemination

There are many problems if you are born as a result of artificial insemination by donor as your status in the community will be unstable. You will be considered to be of unknown parentage as the father will not be known. There are occasions when you can try to get around the problem of being impregnated with another man's sperm and that is to mix it with a sample of your husbands. This may also be frowned upon as your husband will have produced the sample knowing it is not going to be used to impregnate you.

There are however ways for Jewish sperm banks to get around the problems by issuing a list of things that will ease your fears. They can tell you that as long as the mother is Jewish the resulting child will also be Jewish and not need to be converted. A girl will not have limits put on her marrying and you will not be condemned for using donor sperm. One thing they are insistent about is that the couple must not have sexual relations for three months after insemination to make sure that there is no doubt as to who the father is.

Jewish Sperm Bank Problems

Israel has 14 sperm banks and they are struggling to fulfil the hope of more than 1000 women who are waiting for treatment. There has recently been the need for Israeli sperm banks to import semen as a lot of men have stopped donating. This is leading to the Jewish sperm banks having to give a 6 month timescale before treatment can start. Importing has been in place for 10 years, as haredi couples need to have non Jewish sperm. The transfer of sperm has to be between a registered organisation in Israel and a registered clinic elsewhere. There is no way that a couple can go directly to a foreign company.

Sperm donation in Israel is a very complex issue and the Jewish sperm banks have stringent guidelines that they must follow. For some Jewish couples it will be a difficult choice to go through this system but they can be assured that everything possible is being done to make sure that all probabilities are covered.

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