Lesbian Sperm Bank

Lesbian Sperm Bank

Introduction to Lesbian Sperm Banks

Lesbian couples will always need the use of a sperm bank if they decide that they want to have a child. This has many advantages over asking a friend to help them out or just finding a random man. The sperm will have been tested and there will be a good chance that the insemination will work without needing too many attempts.

Where to Go

It is unlikely that many clinics would turn down a client, but if you are concerned about the reception you will receive it is possible to use the services of a lesbian sperm bank. The doctor you are dealing with will most likely be able to give you details of one in your area, and if they will be carrying out the procedure for you, they may have one that they prefer to use. Even if you plan to do this yourself, they should still be prepared to give you details and advice. If there is a clinic nearby you can visit them, but if you do not want to be as involved with the travelling it is possible to order online.

This will obviously incur shipping costs, and for some it can cost 300 Euros (£275). Just because a clinic has not worked with a lesbian couple before it does not mean that they will not be suitable if the staff are fully trained. If you feel uncomfortable or judged, then it may be best to go elsewhere. Every clinic needs to have its first lesbian family, and if you are the first and receive good treatment, you could be paving the way for many other couples to visit. Given the chance they could become a lesbian sperm bank that will go on to help many other couples

The London Women's Clinic

This clinic has been providing their services to lesbian couples and single women for more than 10 years. They were pioneers in this field in the United Kingdom. By working with clinics such as this it will be possible to have access to a great many samples. If they do not have what you are looking for they will be able to work with companies worldwide and be able to get you the sort of match that you want.


Many couples will feel that the process is more natural if they carry out the insemination themselves rather than visit a lesbian sperm bank. There have long been comments about needing a turkey baster, but it is possible to get a kit that will allow the process to take place in your own home. This can also be helpful for the donor. Many gay men may wish to be a father but do not want to go through a relationship with a woman to do this. It can be arranged that there will be contact with him after the birth. There does not have to be any financial or parental responsibility but this is something that will differ from case to case so it will be best to make sure there is a set of rules that you can all abide by. A basic insemination kit can be bought for £18 and there are plenty more going up to £108.

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