Single Women Sperm Bank

Single Women Sperm Bank

Introduction to Single Women Sperm Banks

Many clinics will not discriminate between the people they are treating. They are after all a business and in many cases if you are prepared to pay there will not be many who would turn you away. There may be certain ones in other countries who will not allow single women to use their services but in England this is not the case. Israel and China expect their clients to be married, but the majority will treat anyone who is deemed suitable. There have been some concerns that a mother bringing up a child alone would not cope as well as a couple but there has been no evidence to say that this is the case in donor related births as the mother is sure about what she is doing. Rather than getting pregnant one night and regretting it they have thought through what they want and paid for it.

Why Do Single Women Choose Sperm Banks

Every single woman who will look for the services of the single woman's sperm bank will do so for a different reason. Some may have left it too late to get into a relationship and some may not have met the person they want to be the father of their child. They may feel that if they leave it much longer they will be physically too old to become a mother and rather than get involved in a relationship that is doomed to fail they will decide to go it alone.

A survey of single woman who had a child with the help of a donor said that almost two third were doing it because they thought they would lose the chance in the near future. For others they had just decided that they did not want a man in their life full time and others did not want to deceive a man by sleeping with them with the sole aim of becoming pregnant. A clinic was also seen as a much safer option as the sperm would be screened for many diseases so they would not be putting themselves or the child at risk.

What Will Happen?

As with all people who go through this process, they will be assessed for their suitability. They will be counselled in the same way that a couple will be and there will be the need to know how they will cope if the process does not work. There will be a need to take extra precautions here, as although they will have family and friends, if the process does not work they will in reality be dealing with the failure alone.

You must be sure that you are doing this for the right reasons. Unless you have come to an agreement with a man who will be in the child's life you will be expected to take full responsibility for the baby. There is no father to turn to for financial support when times get hard, and the donor does not have the responsibility to look after the baby if you want a day off. If you feel you can cope with all of this then a single women's sperm clinic will be able to help you every step of the way.

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